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Debi Wilkinson-Johnson


Hi, my name is Debi Wilkinson-Johnson. I am the founder and President of Deployed Families United. I have four wonderful children. Two of my oldest sons are in the National Guard Air Force and in the National Guard Army.


Since I was little, I have always been able to see the need in helping people. Whether it is people who have some sort of disability or just a person who needs a lending hand, I have always been there to help and support in times of need.


Seventeen years ago, I started working with people who have a cognitive disability. I then went to college and got my BS in Sociology with a major influence in Psychology. Once I got my degree, I then started working as a Case Manager who worked with people who have a physical disability. However, as my children grew up, I have seen a different role in supporting people, which led me to start Deployed Families United.


My goal in my lifetime is to travel and learn the different cultures of people, while helping humanity. People helping people just because it is the right thing to do. 

Melissa Fuller

Vice President

My name is Melissa Fuller and I am the vice president board member of Deployed Families United. I grew up in Illinois, then moved to Madison, Wisconsin eight years ago.


I got a Bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University in 1997, where I earned a teacher's certificate. I’m a mom, who has always homeschooled my child, so we’re both always learning. Over the past few years I’ve taken up marketing through social media for small businesses. 


This organization was something I wanted to be a part of because of the opportunity to help people. I’ve worked in childcare, education, and veterinary technician fields. Helping people (and animals) is what I’m all about.


Some of the things I enjoy doing as hobbies are gardening, sewing, camping, and hiking/biking in nature.

Meet the Board

Learn about their lives and what drove them to launch Deployed Families United.

Chassidy Champ


Hello world! I am Chassidy Camp, and I am excited to serve as the Secretary for Deployed Families United. I am a Louisiana native who has been blessed to call Madison my home for over 9 years.

I have years of experience in working in the non-profit sector with an educational background in marketing and communications. As a lifelong advocate for change, I find my passion in building communities and bringing people together to create positive change anywhere it is needed. My mission in working with Deployed Families United is to create a strong community for families of the deployed that they can count on during times of deployment.


I have two major goals in life: one is to scuba dive in the Maldives and the other is to brave skydiving. Can you guess which one is more dangerous?

Brenda Barry


Hello, my name is Brenda Barry and I am the Treasurer for the Deployed Families United Board of Directors. I have been involved with administration positions, for non-profit organizations, in Madison, WI for 12 years.


While I do not have a formal college education, I have certification in Suicidal Ideation and training in Trauma Informed Care.  I have bolstered all of my skill and knowledge through on the job training, online classes and reading books on many different subjects.


I decided to be a part of this organization because I believe in their mission.  To know that there are people who see a need and can find ways to fill those needs is awe inspiring.  It's a truly humbling experience.


Here's a little bit about who I am.  I am originally from La Crosse, WI. I have been living in Madison for the last 17 years.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter and a snuggly dog. I enjoy crochet, camping and socializing with friends.

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